Sunshine Love 썬샤인 러브

Movie Review @Koreanculturoo May 8th, 2014

“Are you asleep?”
She asks her boyfriend. 
Gil Ho has his eyes closed, and is not moving – so is probably asleep. Probably. 
“Yes” he replies, eyes remaining closed. 
“How can you respond?”
Jeong Seok asks. 
In that endearing way lovers do. 
It’s this whimsical, earnest love affair that makes Sunshine Love such a successful story. 
Jeong Seok at the start is shown to be ugly – she wears big glasses, dresses plainly – but the intended revulsion must be her neediness. There’s a telling scene toward the beginning – when Gil Ho is so self absorbed and convinced of his inability to gain love.
Jeong Seok follows him about the University, perhaps all day. It’s late afternoon, and Gil Ho is heading home. She is there of course, he mistakes her devotion for an act of stalking. 
“Please go away? he asks, at polite distance. And not for the first time. 
“But don’t you love me?” 
Jeong Seok asks earnestly. 
He yells at her, unexpectedly – not the behavior of a well mannered civil servant. 
“F#ck off!” He screams. 
Is a tough moment in their relationship. 
The couple moves in together – and survive various challenges.

Jeong Seoks mother and her humorous, domineering ways – his not working full time – in a society where men are generally always the breadwinners. They argue, they break up. 
But Jeong Seok clearly pines for him, Gil Ho for her.



By the end they meet on a train platform – the film makers metaphor for departures and arrivals, and the choosing of direction.

The audience loves Jeong Seok – no longer the ugly duckling Uni student -she has blossomed into a fine young woman. Quite the catch. And though at first Gil Ho looks away – we – as the audience – hope he makes the right decision….

Sunshine Love was released in Korea in 2013.

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